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Scholars generally enter the program between the ages of 10 and 14 and live year-round  in one of the  BHGH Baltimore homes through high school graduation. Entrance in our program is fully elective on the part of the child and his or her parent(s) or guardian. BHGH Baltimore is NOT foster care, nor is it court ordered. It is wholly voluntary. 


The BHGH Baltimore residential program offers:

  • Education in first-rate  private college preparatory schools
  • Safe, value-centered, family-style homes focusing on personal development
  • Live-in residential couselors who provide structure, guidance and nurturing
  • Room, board, tuition, clothing, and a personal allowance
  • Medical, dental and optical services
  • Professional therapeutic counseling (if needed)
  • Summer atheltic and enrichment programs
  • Extended services and support for program graduates (matriculated collegians)


College Preparation and Matriculation:

The College Mentoring Program works with scholars to actively seek out, apply to and attend a college or university consistent with the youth’s personal goals and abilities. Once matriculated, BHGH Baltimore continues to support our collegians as they persist to graduation:

  • Financial assistance for tuition, room and board
  • Emtional support and mentoring
  • Temporary housing at BHGH Baltimore during college breaks
  • Assistance in securing internships and employment
  • Follow-up contact to access a youth’s reintegration into his/her family and communit


Our Key Features & Strengths:

  • Year-round residential care through high school graduation
  • Financial and emotional support through college graduation
  • Partnerships with private, college preparatory schools in the community
  • College-educated house parents as full-time live-in residential counselors
  • Team approach with parents/guardian to support scholar from adolescence through young adulthood
  • Supportive relationships with the families of our scholars through parenting support, encouragement and support of sobriety, full-time employment and independence. We all share information on, and referral to, community resources, parenting guidance, crisis intervention and informal counseling.


What we expect from the scholars:

1.      Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in a private school setting

2.      Complete 100 hours of community service annually

3.      Maintain 2 extra-curricular activities throughout the year

4.      Work part-time from 16 years old and beyond and full-time in the summer from 15 and beyond

5.      Connect with the faith-based center of their choice

6.      Practice respectful behavior and good decision making


Faith based – BHGH Baltimore accepts children of all faiths. However, we have the expectation that faith and a spiritual life will be explored and pursued through a scholar’s time in the program.

Community service – Each scholar is expected to participate in the monthly community service projects coordinated by the staff and to identify a nonprofit organization to volunteer with personally on a monthly basis.

Extra curricular activities – Each scholar is encouraged to pursue their personal interests of activities through extra-curricular involvement in their respective schools or in the local community. We expect each scholar to maintain 2 extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

Summer program – The Summer Program at BHGH Baltimore focuses on preparation for college through the College Road: College Preparation and Success Program.   A combination of Boys Hope Girls Hope coordinated programs and other summer camps along with employment provide the framework that will allow our scholars to explore their personal interest (sports, theater, music, science, outdoors, etc) while gaining the experience of being on college campuses and developing the skills to be independent, yet successful upon time for college. The Summer Program also provides an extensive amount of exposure to college campuses through college visits. Our program requires 5 college visits each year of high school as a means of determining what is the best college to attend when the time comes. We focus on geographic location of the school, size, diversity, curriculum, costs and potential for acceptance as areas to focus on in assessing the right place to attend college.