Our Wish List

Want to donate something other than money? Check out our wish list below. 

School Supplies – Calendars, Planners, Ballpoint pens (black, blue, red), Pencils/mechanical, Erasers, Small portable pencil sharpeners, Graph paper, Individual dividers, Lined loose-­‐leaf paper (college/wide ruled), Book Covers, Pocket Folders (3 prong and report folders), Dry erase whiteboards & markers, Scotchtape, Divider sheets that go into 3-­‐ringbinders, Post-­‐its, Paperclips, HP Photosmart C3180 blackprinter cartridges, Composition notebooks, Printing paper, Heavy duty backpacks, Index cards and dividers, Markers and highlighters, Mini staplers and staples, 1, 2, and 3 inch binders, Double AA and Triple AAA batteries, TI-­‐84Calculators, Plastic accordion files, Inexpensive alarm clocks, USB Thumb drives

MAC Laptops (used or refurbished is acceptable)

House Needs – Towels/Washcloths, Bed linens, Bath mats, Vacuum, Lamps, Alarm clocks, Cookware/Bakeware, Dishes, Cutlery/Serving Pieces, Dish towels, Bookshelves, Graph calculators, Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, razors), Laundry detergent, Cleaning supplies