At Boys Hope Girls Hope, fall and winter mean new faces and places. It is always exciting to see how the scholars grow and mature as the school year progresses. This year we have six new scholars! The houses are at capacity, and as you can imagine, buzzing with activity.

At the end of each summer break and winter vacation, I love to reconnect with the scholars to hear about their out-of-school-time endeavors. Thanks to our board and supporters they have valuable learning and work experiences, plus cultural, athletic, or travel adventures. Some of our scholars work during the breaks, some travel, and some do a bit of both. However, they all continue to live with us full-time.

Part of the reward of being on the board of Boys Hope Girls Hope is the opportunity to spend time with all of the scholars, especially when we eat dinner together. We make the most of our dinners by having meaningful conversations. All of the Board members take this opportunity to listen and talk about their own experiences. While to each of us these experiences may not seem like a big deal, it is neat to hear the types of questions we are asked and the listening and learning that goes on from this informal mentoring.

Thank you to those who have spent time mentoring our scholars. For those of you who would like to – all you need to do is ask. There is always a seat at the table for you.

Thanks to our current and future mentors of Boys Hope Girls Hope!

Joe LaRocque, Board Chair