Corporate Partner

Become a corporate partner. Our scholars need you.

Too many young people lack strong and sustained relationships with caring adults, which puts them at serious risk. It’s worse for those from low-economic and disadvantaged communities.

Research finds that resilient youth – those who successfully transition from risk-filled backgrounds to the adult world – and good citizenship are consistently distinguished by the presence of caring adults in their lives.

BHGH Baltimore is rebuilding a stronger, safer and healthier Baltimore for the next generation. In collaboration with our Strategic Corporate Partners, with whom we share values and intention, our mutually beneficial relationship becomes a Partnership for Hope.

Partnership for Hope is a thoughtfully and purposefully designed holistic relationship that’s just right for a company, its employees, and its business and philanthropic goals. By uniting with BHGH students, our corporate partners learn about a child’s difficult journey, and personally participate in shaping their future.

“When I’m with the students,” says one corporate partner employee, “They remind me how important it is to dream.”

Join our BHGH Partnership for Hope in your workplace. A Corporate-Nonprofit collaboration, to put an end to poverty.

For more about the BHGH Corporate Partnership for Hope click HERE. Or contact Development Manager, Sue Taylor.