Refer a Scholar

BHGH Baltimore serves children and the matriculating college students who have graduated from our program whose family’s income is below the federal poverty level. The people who know them well, including teachers, doctors, guidance counselors, coaches, and social workers, usually refer the children to us.

Scholars enter our program between the ages of 10-14 years and must be able to meet the high academic and personal standards of BHGH Baltimore. They must be drug and alcohol free, free of serious emotional or behavioral problems or learning disabilities, and are academically capable and motivated. They are children who, under the right circumstances, can succeed. At BHGH Baltimore, they are encouraged—and expected—to do so.

Do you know a child with obvious academic potential and motivation who:

  • Is succeeding in school despite difficult circumstances?
  • Is best suited for a challenging educational atmosphere currently unavailable to them?
  • Has an intellectual capacity that cannot be fully realized due to their home or school environment?

If you know a child that meets these criteria and may be in need of long-term placement away from the natural family, please contact BHGH Baltimore Community Liaison Georg Barber at 443-503-3463.