From Kathy O’Hanlon, Interim Program Director

A vision of pride:

In Baltimore, Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) is home to individuals of exceptional potential. Our scholars live commitment to academic rigor, contribution, and being positive active members of their schools, homes, and greater community. They take pride in representing their families and BHGH through example and action. These young men and women are the greatest contributors to their own success, and I am very fortunate to witness this important chapter in their life journeys.

The outstanding staff members of BHGH share that common ground of commitment, teamwork, and contribution with our scholars. They are role models of teamwork and professionalism for the scholars in every word and action. They will do whatever is necessary to uplift each BHGH scholar to success.

Our staff, parents, board members and contributors are an immensely proud team, because we recognize that we are providing opportunity to young leaders who will have a profound impact on the future of our global family.

My esteemed colleague, Executive Director Lisa Sartorius, often describes how our scholars straddle many realities. Once in our program, BHGH scholars are constantly crossing bridges between homes, schools, and community. True leaders are individuals able to cross bridges into cultures and circumstances unfamiliar to them, positively interact, and return across the bridges to home with genuine respect and contribution in their wake.

Even at their young ages, our scholars practice these habits of leadership. Speaking at corporate events, middle schools, and with donors and supporters, they bravely share their stories about how the BHGH experience has reshaped their lives and futures. They inspire others to grow far beyond their circumstances. Our scholars explore global cultures and build relationships through international travel and service. They work side by side with business, medical, and university leaders contributing to their communities. Their presence inspires love and respect in their families with every BHGH community member whose lives they touch.

We invite you to join us. Share our pride in the accomplishments of Boys Hope Girls Hope as part of an extraordinary team that provides opportunity to some of Baltimore’s most outstanding young men and women

For Our Children,