In Spring 2012 our 1st cohort of collegians graduated from college!

Michael – Haverford College – Michael is living in Brooklyn, NY and working at Mashable. A talented producer of short films, he’s very busy being creative. Michael is a founding member of the BHGH Baltimore Young Professionals Network.


Mark – Boston College- Mark is a research analyst at Children’s Hospital in Boston. His free time is spent producing and directing community theater.





Below is a letter written by Michael shortly before his college graduation:


My name is Michael Franklin and I am a 2008 graduate of Boys Hope Girls Hope.  Currently, I am a senior at Haverford College.  I am an English Major and work two jobs on campus. I am heavily involved in the Arts at Haverford, enjoying photography, theater, and dance.  This May, I am preparing to graduate and start a career.  Even though these are frightening and life altering ventures, I feel very confident in my success because of my participation with Boys Hope Girls Hope.

I joined Boys Hope Girls Hope in June of 2002.  My biological family tried hard to provide for my needs over the years, but a variety of circumstances kept them from doing so.  I did not have access to educational resources, and sometimes even basic needs.  My family was doing the best they could, but we needed help.   Boys Hope Girls Hope entered our lives and made all the difference.

One of the things that I remember about joining the program is the mixture of fear and excitement I felt the night before I moved to the Boys Hope house.  The program was  smaller then and I don’t think I fully understood what joining Boys Hope Girls Hope meant.  I knew that it meant living away from my parents.  I knew that it meant going to a better school than the public middle school I was attending.  And I knew that if I worked hard and graduated from Boys Hope Girls Hope, I would be able to attend college.

What I didn’t know was that my participation in the program would completely change my life.  I never imagined how proud and hopeful my family would feel as I became one of the first people in my family to attend college.  I never thought that, as a member of Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore’s first graduating class, I would have the opportunity to pave the way for later scholars to graduate from the program and go on to college.  And I never imagined that I would be able to attend Haverford College, one of the top liberal arts institutions in the world.

My time with Boys Hope Girls Hope was definitely not easy.  While I was always academically driven, I didn’t anticipate how much work I would have to put into my academics.  I remember spending many long nights hunched over at the dining room table, diligently working on homework and projects for school. But my time with Boys Hope Girls Hope has also been incredibly rewarding.  Seeing my family’s smiling faces as I accepted my high school diploma from Loyola Blakefield High School and hearing my Mom tell me how proud she was of me the day that I moved into my dorm at Haverford, make all the hard work that I put in with Boys Hope Girls Hope worth it.

So now, as I prepare to graduate college and start a career for myself, I feel that same mixture of fear and excitement that I felt almost 10 years ago.  However, this time, I have the life and social skills that I cultivated through Boys Hope Girls Hope.  I have a superb education. I have the important values of hard work and leadership that Boys Hope Girls Hope taught me, and I have a vast support network of mentors and friends that I developed through Boys Hope, who all want me to succeed. I won’t let them down.

Thank you,

Michael Franklin