Ms. Beatrice’s Story

Ms. Beatrice's Story


“Step by step I climbed the 9 flights of stairs. My joints ached but it didn’t matter. I had to keep going. I just knew it. Something was wrong.

Very wrong. I open the door and shout. But no one answers. The living room is filthy. I smell gas, go to the kitchen and see that a burner on the stove has been left on.

I turn it off and am surrounded by small children – one crawling on the filthy floor, one crying in a high chair, and the littlest whimpering in a makeshift bassinet.

These are my beautiful grandchildren!

Where were the adults?

Why are these sweet innocent children all alone in this squalid mess?

At that point I had no choice. I picked up the phone and called the police.”

The events Ms. Beatrice recalled as we visited in my office had unfolded on a chilly fall day 20 years ago. She and her now 72-year-old husband had made the courageous decision that day to rescue and to raise their 5 grandchildren, and a nephew.

When most retire and rest, Ms. Beatrice engaged and fought for her family.

But sometimes, courage and ferocity aren’t enough. After twenty years raising her children’s children, Ms. Beatrice came to ask Boys Hope Girls Hope for help.

She’d been fighting a battle of her own–breast cancer. A lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation had worn her down. She said: “I need help to raise my last grandchild, Sarah. Can you help me?”

My heart broke. What a courageous woman. And with help I knew that Sarah, a bubbly straight A student, could earn a spot at a top-notch high school. And from there she could earn a college scholarship.

Boys Hope Girls Hope helps academically capable and motivated children-in-need meet their full potential. We do this by providing value-centered, family-like homes, opportunities, and education…all the way through college.

But that help comes from friends like you who make our work possible.

I’m writing to ask if you can make a gift this holiday so we can keep helping individuals like Ms. Beatrice and her granddaughter, Sarah.

Your support stands in for a parent or a grandparent like Ms. Beatrice.

Your support gives a child a safe place to sleep, puts food in the refrigerator, gives them a ride to and from school.

Your support provides tutoring that opens doors for kids.

Please consider a gift today to help us inspire, empower, and nurture children.

For Ms. Beatrice, Sarah, and the many youth we serve thank you in advance for whatever you can give.

Lisa Downing Sartorius, Executive Director