Since 2002, 100% of the BHGH scholars have graduated from high school and have entered college.

BHGH serves scholars whose family’s income is below federal poverty guidelines. What they share is a desire to break the seemingly continuous cycles of poverty.

BHGH is neither court ordered nor therapeutic foster care.

Our scholars (program participants) might have an incarcerated parent, or are in the primary custody of elderly grandparents. Some may be homeless. Others, the children of teenaged mothers, are first generation high school graduates.

At our core are two safe and supportive BHGH homes, one for boys and one for girls.

  • 3 live-in Residential Counselors (RCs) plus AmeriCorps volunteers provide crucial parenting
  • Children are safe and well fed
  • School, community service, and preparations for an independent adulthood of achievement are the priorities

Our children want to learn and now are able to do so.